About us

Hampton Neighbourhood Association is an incorporated association established September 2014.

We represent the community in discussions with federal, state and municipal government on issues that affect residents and businesses, such as transport, traffic and urban development.

Tony Batt, President of Hampton Neighbourhood Association

President – Tony Batt

Tony has lived in Orlando Street with his wife and family for around 25 years and highly appreciates the Hampton Village atmosphere with its proximity to beach, shops, schools and transport and friendly community. He supports controlled growth, renewal and appropriate development in the Hampton area but not to the extent that it destroys or unduly disrupts the liveability of this Village environment, its residents and their homes as well as the local infrastructure including public facilities and roads. Tony is a professional Engineer with Post Grad Management and Maintenance qualifications and is currently working in Facility and Capital Works Management and is or has wide experience having worked in the Arts and Entertainment, Sports, Defence and Educational industries.

Connect with Tony via community@hna.org.au or call 0419 356 436.

John Balmer portrait

Vice-President – John Balmer

John has lived in Bayside since 1972 and Hampton over 15 years. His wife taught at a local private school where their three boys attended and John has been involved in local Rotary and sporting associations. He recently retired from a career providing specialised services for the legal profession as an employee of national firms and self-employed consultant. John is committed to retaining the village atmosphere of Hampton in the face of relentless development. While accepting some change and growth is inevitable, he wants to see the community working together to maintain standards for future generations.”

Connect with John on jbcosts@bigpond.net.au or call 0402 114 411.

Tony Shepherd portrait

Secretary – Tony Shepherd

Tony has been a resident/owner with his wife Judy and dog Milo in Hampton for 6 years and is against inappropriate development in Bayside that is outside the Bayside Planning Scheme. He is a specialist in television operations, production and general management.

Connect with Tony on tshepherd@anthonyyork.com or call 0412 031 951.

Treasurer – Jonathan Nightingale