Hampton Neighbourhood Association Incorporated is a community organisation for people with a passion for and an interest in our beautiful bayside suburb of Hampton.

The purpose of the Association is to represent the community in discussions with Commonwealth, State and local government, the property industry and other organisations and interest groups. The Association has a focus upon significant activities and issues that affect local residents and business activity including, but not limited to the environment, urban development, public transport, traffic, community services and infrastructure.

The Association supports development compliant with the Bayside Planning Scheme that improves the wellbeing of present and future members of the Hampton community. Historically the Association has opposed significant cases of development that are not compliant with the Bayside Planning Scheme and reasonable community expectations. Where necessary the Association will and has successfully represented the interests of members and the Hampton community in the planning appeals process at Bayside Council, V.C.A.T. (The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and in other forums.

We welcome your support and invite you to join in discussions and our online Facebook forum which can be found at www.facebook.com/hnaorg