HNA candidate summary

Hampton Neighbourhood Association (HNA) sent a questionnaire to each candidate in the election for Councillors to represent the Boyd, Castlereagh and Ivison ward in Bayside, and asked each candidate to supply the candidate statement and candidate questionnaire that they had previously submitted to the Victorian Electoral Commission. 

To assess and score the responses received from candidates and provide guidance to HNA members on the alignment of candidates’ views, priorities and policies the following process was adopted:

  1. An evaluation guide was developed identifying responses to the HNA questionnaire
  2. A subcommittee of the HNA committee independently assessed the candidate responses and the candidate statement and questionnaire
  3. The subcommittee then discussed their assessment and the scores were moderated and the assessments were combined and averaged to produce a final candidate score
  4. All members of the HNA committee met and discussed the final candidate scores prior to posting on the HNA website

HNA Candidate Summary

  • Candidates strongly aligned with HNA priorities for Hampton and Highett with relevant experience OR skills
Castlefield WardBoyd WardIvison Ward
88 – Grinter, Rob  
75 – Long, James          
82 – McIntosh, Kylie 
82 – Francis, Craig  
74 – Paterson, Jamie
73 – Packer, Evan 
71 – Harkin, Coleen   
83 – Castelli, Sonia
80 – Johnson, Marlene
  • Candidates with some alignment with HNA priorities for Hampton and Highett with some relevant experience OR skills
Castlefield WardBoyd WardIvison Ward
66 – Howard, Kevin          
63 – Batt, Jessica              
60 – Dekiere, Sarah     
  • Candidates who are not aligned with HNA priorities for Hampton or otherwise unclear on their policies, experience OR skills
  • Candidates with NO SCORE either did not supply their contact details to the Victorian Electoral Commission OR did not respond to the HNA Questionnaire
Castlefield WardBoyd WardIvison Ward
43 – Batzialas, Nicholas   
33 – Ward, Alister            
Rothfield, David  
Samuel-King, Jo     
Wood, Arron         
Wood, Timothy  
Norris, Michael*
Russell, Olivia
Stitfold, Fiona
Barber, Marcus
Finn, Nicole
Fitzpatrick, Gio
Hoult, Brandon
Langer, Shani
Nair, Kannan
Porteous, Scott